Curriculum Development


The struggles for social equality between men and women remain an area of continuing relevance to any quest for a holistic understanding of economy, society, culture and politics in contemporary Africa - as, indeed, in every other region of the world. Yet, the general, instinctive but misleading assumption has persisted, even in otherwise knowledgeable circles, that any reference to gender is little more than a code word for raising narrow, even parochial concerns that are specific to the interests of women. In a bid to correct this erroneous instinct and, in so doing, open new frontiers of reflection on gender issues among African social researchers, CEGENSA will assist instructors of existing courses to deepen gender analyses in ways that address this ambiguity. CEGENSA sees its role in this context as a coordinating and capacity-enhancing one. Specifically we will:

  •  Assist in the development of an efficient system of cross-listing of relevant courses on gender across the University of Ghana.
  • Assist faculty to offer a wider array of courses to meet their own, as well as students' varying interests and needs.
  • Introduce training for faculty in gender analyses and teaching methodologies to improve teaching and learning, and hopefully attract more male faculty as well as faculty from the Physical sciences. To this end we have begun a series of curriculum development workshops, the first of which was held in Sogakope in April 2006. 
  • Work with faculty across our state universities to develop a university-wide introductory course on gender as agreed by the vice-chancellors of Ghana in a communique in 2005. 
  • Provide training and building capacity for practitioners.

Committee Members:

Prof. Audrey Gadzekpo - Chairperson
Dr. Rose Mary Amenga-Etego
Mr. Augustine H. Asaah
Prof. Dzodzi Tsikata
Prof. Mariama Awumbila
Prof. Takyiwaa Manuh
Dr. Laura McGough
Dr. Akosua Darkwah

If you would like to learn more about this committee or any other, please contact us, or visit our office.