The Centre for Gender Studies and Advocacy was established in 2005, as an outlet and space for the University community to access policies, resources and information on gender related issues. Through gender advocacy, we seek to shape policies that ensure respect for dignity and human rights. Additionally, we provide a well equipped resource centre, supplying current books, journals and on-line resources to support faculty and students in their gender related study projects. Teaching and learning on gender is further improved by the Centre's assistance in curricula reforms that mainstream gender throughout the tertiary education system. Mentoring programs for faculty and students aim at the empowerment of students and researchers to enhance their ability to pursue further courses of study for more effective teaching and learning especially at post-graduate level.

CEGENSA moves beyond the academic sphere: Advocacy and Mentoring, Programmes and outreach to NGOs, public and private institutions as well as interested individuals make CEGENSA a source of information, a site of knowledge production and competent advice, in short – a centre for change. CEGENSA starts by addressing its immediate surroundings, the University community which constitutes a microcosm of society. CEGENSA seeks to formulate gender policies that will mark the University as a pacesetter in creating an empowering and equitable working and living environment.




Professor Appiah Amfo
Excitement, Laughter, Life Lessons and Motivation Liven Up VC-CEGENSA Breakfast Session
Given the tight schedule of the Vice-Chancellor, the UG female faculty's recent experience with her was a great opportunity and a joy to behold!
As part of the Centre for Gender Studies and Advocacy’s (CEGENSA) mentoring activities for the year,...
Group photo
CEGENSA AND CDD-Ghana Hold Round Table Discussion on Academia Meets Policy: The Role of Feminist Scholars
In commemoration of the 2022 Day of Scientific Renaissance of Africa celebration, the Center for Gender Studies and Advocacy (CEGENSA) and the Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) have held a roundtable discussion on the theme, “...
The Centre for Gender Studies and Advocacy (CEGENSA) has celebrated the 2022 International Women's Day with a two-day webinar series, proudly sponsored by United Nations Populations Fund (UNPFA), Ghana on breaking the gender bias in academia,...