Meeting with Newly Appointed Faculty at CEGENSA

One of the core objectives of the Centre for Gender Studies and Advocacy (CEGENSA), is to mentor newly appointed staff, particularly females. In line with this the Center held a meeting on Thursday, September 13, 2018 at CEGENSA for newly appointed Faculty with a key objective of introducing CEGENSA’s activities to them and to encourage those whose research interests or areas were connected to Gender Studies to become affiliates of the Centre.

The Director of CEGENSA, Dr. Charlotte Wrigley-Asante welcomed those present and introduced some specific activities that the Centre does to the newly appointed faculty present. She talked about the teaching of the University Required Courses in Gender Studies and also touched on the core areas of the Centre such as Academic Planning and Curriculum development, Research and Documentation, Policy Planning, Mentoring and Professional Development, Outreach and extension work and Sexual Harassment and Counselling Services. She emphasized on the fact that the Centre had worked with credible NGO’s and Civil Societies on mutually beneficial collaborations nationally and internationally.

Some senior faculty members present urged the new faculty to learn quickly on how to juggle university work and aspects of social life. Prof. Akosua Adomoako-Ampofo encouraged them to take up more opportunities and fellowships particularly the calls for early careers. Prof. Nana Aba Amfo also encouraged the newly appointed faculty to navigate through the University system and be mentored by Senior Faculty Members. She also emphasised on the need to build good relationships. Some of the newly appointed faculty also shared their experiences and indicated their expectations whilst with University of Ghana.

Some Senior Faculty Members at the meeting

Some newly appointed faculty at the meeting