The Centre for Gender Studies and Advocacy (CEGENSA), University of Ghana collaborated with the Embassy of Israel to Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone to organize a seminar on women’s empowerment on the theme “WOMEN: REWIRED FOR CHANGE”. The seminar was also part of the activities to mark the 71st Independence Day celebrations and six decades of Israel-Ghana relations.The programme was held in the seminar room of the Sociology Department, University of Ghana and delivered by

Mrs. Ilana Brand, an international consultant and an expert in women’s empowerment in Israel.  The purpose of the seminar was to share experiences of women’s empowerment from an Israeli perspective.Mrs. Brand explained that improving people’s lives begins with improving their thoughts and that “rewiring for change” involves the renewing of the mindset of the individual.  She delineated the different techniques that could be used to obtain that desired change which includes using personal experiences or stories to impact the individual. She explained that to enable people execute their strategy; whether it’s personal growth, career development or in politics, the individual must be mindful of the body language, facial expression, colours, fashion and even the voice level. She made a comparison between the expressions of some women who were initially not in politics but had a mindset change and that influenced them positively to reach the highest political levels. Finally, to build the self-confidence of people and particularly women, she highlighted the fact that it is important to let such people know who they are and how that could be developed positively, since that builds on the individual’s self-confidence.

Mrs. Ilana Brand

The seminar was attended by some senior members from the university community, graduate students and staff of the Israeli Embassy. In attendance was the Israel Ambassador to Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone, Madam Shani Cooper and the Development (MASHAV) and Academic officer of the Israeli Embassy, Ms. Dana Chocron. Both expressed their appreciation to have this collaboration with CEGENSA. Prof. Charlotte Wrigley-Asante, Director of CEGENSA similarly expressed her appreciation to Mrs. Brand for the insightful seminar and especially to the Israeli team for the collaboration and hoped that there will be more of such collaborations in future.