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Prof. Irene M.A. Kretchy
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Prof. Irene Kretchy was appointed as a management committee member for the Centre for Gender Studies and Advocacy (GECENSA) in 2022. She is an Associate Professor (Social Behavioural) at the Department of Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Pharmacy, and a Fellow of the Ghana College of Pharmacists. Prof. Kretchy has a Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree, a Master of Philosophy in Psychology, and a Doctorate Degree in Social Pharmacy. She handles Social & Behavioural Pharmacy and Mental Health courses in the School of Pharmacy, School of Veterinary Medicine, and the Department of Psychology. Her research interests include Social and behavioral approaches to medication use and adherence in chronic physical and mental illness from the perspectives of patients and caregivers. Biopsychosocial approaches to medicine utilization and other treatments, understanding and optimizing medication-related behaviors including adherence and the assessment of perceptions and experiences of illness and treatment for physical and mental illnesses.