Research and Documentation


The Research and Documentation unit within CEGENSA was established to carry out the following:

  • Establish a well-equipped resource unit to support faculty and students with their teaching and learning needs.
  • Provide current books, journals, films and other audio-visual materials and on-line resources to enhance the quality of academic work produced at the University.
  • Compile and make available small grant applications to female graduate students and female faculty members to enhance graduate students' access to small grant applications for research and theses production and female faculty members' access to research grants.
  • Develop questionnaires and other survey instruments; the setting up of Focus groups, the conduct of interviews, analyses of data, write-up and dissemination, to document the functioning and effectiveness of Centre activities; assess the impacts of the Centre's programmes and activities; assess impacts of policy changes on named groups within the University; and flag emerging areas of concern.
  • Carry out research on topical research areas

Committee members

  • Ms. Ama Dadson - Chairperson
  • Dr. Dzodzi Tsikata
  • Dr. Rose Mary Amenga-Etego
  • Dr. Audrey Gadzekpo
  • Dr. Akosua Darkwah
  • Mr. Aloysius Denkabe