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Welcome to the Centre for Gender Studies and Advocacy!

A Centre for Change

Established in 2004, with core funding from the World Bank as the first gender centre in a tertiary institution in Ghana, the Centre for Gender Studies and Advocacy (CEGENSA) has the overarching goal of ensuring that gender equity is enshrined in various aspects of the institutional culture of the University of Ghana, the Ghanaian society and Africa, through quality research, teaching , and learning, mentoring, advocacy and extension work.

The Centre works with a pool of highly qualified multidisciplinary, gender experts and gender enthusiasts known as affiliates.

CEGENSA’s approach to gender work goes beyond tokenistic, piecemeal, and compensatory interventions, to transformational and systematic approaches to addressing gender injustices in Africa’s social and political systems and institutions. CEGENSA acknowledges gender dynamism and accounts for the heterogeneity of women and girls’ experiences in Africa, the changing manifestations of gender over the life course, and the intersectionalities of gender in research and practice.
More broadly, CEGENSA is mandated to institutionalize gender as a legitimate business of the University by:

  • Promoting research on gender-related issues in Africa;
  • Providing documentation on, and dissemination of, gender-related research;
  • Providing services and facilities to meet some of the unique needs of female staff and students;
  • Promoting advocacy and initiating policies on gender in the University, Ghana and beyond;
  • Generating linkages with, and providing extension work on gender with key stakeholders in government, NGOs, civil society and the donor community.


Our mission is to create an interdisciplinary space that positions CEGENSA as a leader in key areas of university policy making but also in curriculum development and service provision.

We Aim:

  • To incorporate gender equity into the core values and business of the academy.
  • To create a working and learning environment, and culture supportive of social justice for both men and women.
  • To be the place of choice for theoretically stimulating and socially relevant programmes and activities.
  • To serve as a key driver of advocacy on gender equity, in Ghana but also in the West African sub-region and internationally.
  • To serve as a resource base and support centre for countrywide and internationally based gender networks and causes.


Our vision is to ensure that gender equity is enshrined in all aspects of the institutional culture of the university and Ghanaian society through high-quality research, teaching, learning and advocacy.

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