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Resource Centre

The Resource Unit is a component of CEGENSA and it is repository of gender and gender related information such as gender and politics; gender and sexuality, women and children; domestic violence and violence against women; gender and health; gender, land and business; gender and law; gender and religion etc. where students, lecturers and other visitors outside the university community come for information. Most of the books and films on gender and gender related issues at the Resource Unit are related to Africa in general and Ghana in particular.  Since the creation of CEGENSA, there was a growing need for a space to promote research on gender and gender related issues and to support teaching faculty members and students with teaching and learning aids. As a result, our research and documentation sub-committee is always doing their best to stock the Resource Unit with current material (Books and Films) in order to establish a well-equipped Resource Unit (Library) so as to promote quality research, learning, teaching and advocacy.

The Resource Unit is open to the general public and you are welcome to visit our office at The University of Ghana, Legon, behind College of Agric. and Consumers Science Lecture Theatre 3, along Mawere Opoku road, Bungalow 12.