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CEGENSA Holds Networking Reception and Orientation for Newly Appointed Faculty

The Centre for Gender Studies and Advocacy (CEGENSA) has held a Networking Reception and Orientation for recently appointed faculty from all Colleges of the University.

The event was aimed at introducing the appointed faculty to the activities of the Centre, facilitating transdisciplinary networking across colleges and to invite the newly appointed faculty to sign-up as affiliates of the Centre.

Dr. Deborah Atobrah, Director, CEGENSA, in her remarks gave a brief history of the Unit and outlined its achievements and current activities. She expressed pleasure as she indicated that several dedicated Senior Members had served the Centre as affiliates and supported teaching, curriculum development, training, advocacy, research and mentoring of female faculty.

Dr. Atobrah, speaking on CEGENSA’s mentoring initiative stated that faculty who are affiliates either as mentors or be mentees will be connected to each other based on the areas of need/expertise. She further threw light on other activities planned to promote gender sensitive professional development opportunities and resources of early and mid-career faculty.

Professor Daniel Ofori, Provost, College of Humanities, who was the Special Guest of the event, in his address after touring the facilities, indicated that CEGENSA is a good place to network across disciplines and Colleges, and to collaborate for research. Professor Ofori assured the newly appointed faculty that serving on CEGENSA’s committees is a legitimate University community service. “It is important to make gender the business of the University”, he added.

Meanwhile, some affiliates and past Directors including Professors Audrey Gadzepko, Charlotte Wrigley-Asante and Akosua Darkwah also took turns to address the attendees. They cited the role of the Centre in their career development.

The attendees expressed excitement about the event and the support they could access by affiliating with CEGENSA.