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Project Administrator (Gate Foundation Project)
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Patience Nana Amoa Gyamenah Patience Nana Amoa Gyamenah holds an M.Phil. in African Studies and a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Classics from the University of Ghana. She recently completed her Ph.D. from the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research at the University of Ghana, Legon. Her research area is in gender, health, and development. Her Ph.D. thesis was on the assessment of the economic burden of breast and cervical cancer treatment in Ghana. And her MPhil thesis was on culture and health care pluralism among Akan cancer patients in Ghana. Patience has tutored in courses such as Gender, Health, and Cultures in Africa; Gender and development in Africa; Culture and gender in African societies; and Issues in Africa's population.

She has made several presentations at international conferences such as African studies Association of Africa conferences, 2019 and 2022; Edinburgh Catalyst Regional Conference in West Africa, 2021; European Conference on African Studies, ECAS 2019; 4 th College Of Humanities International Conference, 2018. She has won awards and fellowships such including the Queen Elizabeth Fellowship 2022, Canada; Edinburgh Non-Residential Fellowship, 2020; Catalyst Africa Research Fellowship 2019, University of Edinburgh, UK; African Women Development Fund, 2019; DAAD Scholarship, 2017-2021, Germany; Ghana Studies Association Research Grant, 2015.